Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Elizabeth Kilbey

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Lead for adult autism & ADHD assessment services

Lead clinical psychologist, camhs neurodevelopmental services

Dr Elizabeth Kilbey is a consultant clinical psychologist with over 20 years of working in specialist neuro developmental services and with children with complex presentations. She has worked in the NHS and the private sector and across health, education and social care settings. She began her career working at great Ormond Street hospital, which provided her with invaluable experience and foundation knowledge in the complexity of children’s developmental profiles. Talk to Kilbey specialises in undertaking differential diagnostic assessments for autism, ADHD, learning difficulties and mental health presentations. Dr Kilbey is specialist in undertaking assessments across the lifespan and is able to offer diagnostic assessments for adults and children. Dr Kilbey is also a highly regarded medical legal expert often called upon by the courts to undertake complex assessments with children with trauma attachment histories and those presenting with substantial behavioural challenges that could be masking their underlying developmental profile. Talk to Kilbey has experience of undertaking assessments with children who are adopted and those within the looked after children system.

consultant clinical psychologist, manager and clinical lead for adult autism and ADHD assessment services, OxleasNHS foundation trust

Lead clinical psychologist, camhs neurodevelopmental services across two different boroughs , Oxleas NHS trust

10+ years experience working as a single instructed expert in the family courts conducting complex family assessments including assessments of attachment and parenting.

Media experience Dr Kilbey is a leading child development and parenting expert with 10 years experience of working in the media. She has appeared on several TV series including the secret life of 45 and six-year-olds as a developmental expert. She is also produced a Ted X talk at the Central School of speech and drama on the topic of parenting in the digital age and has authored a book titled unplugged parenting released in 2017.

BSC psychology and sport science

Foundation certificate in family and systemic therapy

MSc in child development

Clin psych doctorate in clinical psychology

MA organisational consultancy, psychodynamic and systemic approaches

Autism Assessment

The multi-disciplinary team who will be responsible for your assessment comprises highly qualified specialists, all experienced in Autism, and passionate about providing an outstanding quality service.


Having 5 different professions in our team means each one brings their unique training and experience, ensuring a comprehensive assessment.


Each patient will be seen in person by at least one of our experts and at least 3 different clinicians will be involved in every assessment.


Our multi-disciplinary team approach to Autism Assessments complies with NICE guidelines, meaning we offer Gold Standard assessments.


Our range of experts enables us to select the most suitable professionals for each assessment, so it is as unique as the patient we are seeing.