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I am parent/carer looking for a private assessment for a child

Multi-disciplinary diagnostic assessments for Autism for children under 17 years old

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I am looking for a private Autism assessment for an adult

Private Autism assessments specifically tailored to patients who are 17 years and above

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I am a public sector commissioner looking for a service provider

Working in partnership with the NHS Trusts and Local Authorities to meet patients' needs

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the wait is overHigh quality, comprehensive Autism assessments in 6-8 weeks

a simple processTailored to each patient's unique needs

  • Step 1 - Referral

    Complete the referral form to enable us to establish how best to help you and one of our team will contact you to discuss how to proceed.

  • Step 2 - Assessment

    Our multi-disciplinary team will conduct the assessment, following NICE guidelines and ensuring it is as thorough and comprehensive as possible.

  • Step 3 - Report

    The Lead clinician will discuss the diagnosis with you and provide a full report of the multi-disciplinary team’s findings, for you to review.

A TEAM OF CLINICIANSOffering high quality care


All our clinicians have trained and worked in the NHS and are highly experienced in autism assessments.


We offer multidisciplinary assessments using evidence-based assessment methods.


Our assessments meet NICE guidelines and use internationally accepted Diagnostic Frameworks.

A UNIQUE SERVICEDesigned around you


Each assessment is reviewed by the team and includes personalised strategies and recommendations.


We aim to complete all assessments within 6-8 weeks and keep you updated every step of the way.


We offer a combination of face-to-face and remote assessments and build the process around you.

Not just a diagnosis ....

Our clinical team comprises a range of highly trained and experienced professionals, who all bring their unique approach to each assessment.

We don't think it's enough to just give a diagnosis, as that is simply the start.  Our assessments not only aim to give you the clarity you need, but also to provide strategies that will help you move forward with confidence.


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Gold standard assessments

Our clinical team has been designed to meet the highest clinical standards and comprises expert healthcare professionals from a range of specialties. 


How it works