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Reducing autism assessment waiting lists for NHS and social care providers

Waiting lists for Autism Assessments are a national problem with some areas facing waiting times of up to two years or even more.

This situation puts immense pressure on clinical teams, and of course on the families and children who are struggling day to day as they wait for their assessment, unable to move forward and access the support they need. It’s a negative and stressful experience for all involved.

But we can help.

Our Autism Assessment Service offers the ‘gold standard’ in diagnosis and recommendations, meeting the highest level of NICE guidelines.

Giving answers to families and reducing the pressure on your teams

We can support service providers and their teams with a fast and flexible Autism Assessment Service, reducing your waiting lists and taking the pressure off workloads and busy, stressed teams. 

As soon as you start working with us, you’ll be able to bring answers closer to worried families by gaining fast access to our team of experts. Parents will benefit from an enhanced experience as we fit Assessment times around them for minimum disruption to family life.

A full multi-disciplinary team approach to autism assessment

Our assessment service involves access to the expert minds of not just one or two, but a full multi-disciplinary team of clinicians. Each specialist will assess the child from their own clinical perspective. 

This means delivering an exceptional quality of assessment. And if the diagnosis is not autism, or the autism is accompanied by other conditions, we can provide differential diagnoses and point families towards any additional assessment or support needed.

Our highly qualified Assessment Team comprises a Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, an Educational Psychologist and Speech & Language Therapist and a Lead Occupational Therapist in Learning Disabilities.

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the wait is overHow does it work?

Autism Assessment safe in our hands

If you are considering outsourcing Autism Assessment Services to a private provider, we know you’ll need certain assurances. 

We’ll not only meet your requirements but exceed them on;

Time – with our fast and flexible assessment service we ensure rapid turnaround of high quality, personalised diagnostic reports 

Quality & Compliance – thanks to the exemplary credentials, qualifications and experience of our clinical team we meet the highest level of NICE guidelines

Thorough – with the involvement of a full team of clinicians, each member of the MDT assesses the child through their own specialist lens and provides valuable input.

Added value – differential diagnoses and detailed personalised strategies provided for each family whether or not autism is the final diagnosis.

What's included?

  1. Full management of the service from receipt of referral to delivery of the final report
  2. Oversight by a Lead Clinician on every case
  3. MDT meetings pre and post-assessment
  4. Each patient seen by at least 3 clinicians
  5. The use of standardised tests such as 3-Di, ADOS-2 & BOSA
  6. A combination of face-to-face & online assessments
  7. A feedback appointment to discuss and share the report with the patient
  8. Regular quality audits
  9. Adherence to SLAs & KPIs, with monthly management reports

We can also help with

  • ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Developmental Delay or Early Developmental Impairment
  • Dyspraxia
  • Learning Difficulties or Intellectual Impairment
  • Support with Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

Contact us to find out more and discuss how we can help you meet the demand for Autism Assessments in your area.


Why use our Autism Assessment Service?

  • We offer fast turnaround, flexible appointments and reports, no more frustrating, lengthy waits.
  • Our Assessment comprises professional input from a team of highly qualified specialist clinicians giving you the most comprehensive and broadest assessment possible. The assessment will include perspectives from a Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist, an Educational Psychologist and Speech & Language Therapist and a Lead Occupational Therapist in Learning Disabilities.
  • We recognise every case presenting to us is unique, so you will receive an entirely bespoke assessment, diagnostic report and personalised recommendations.
  • Our Autism Assessment Service meets the highest levels of NICE guidelines.


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